The Things You Should NEVER Flush Down Your Toilet

Yep. Your know you’ve done it. Your out of toilet paper so you use your wife’s makeup wipes and send them down the toilet. It’s ok. It went down just fine right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if it flushes and goes down. The problem can occur deep in your pipes, where you won’t notice until things start to backfire on you. To keep your toilet in the best working condition, we’ve prepared a list of items you should NEVER flush. If you follow our list of simple rules, you can be quite sure you won’t have any issues regarding flushables. While it may seem like if whatever goes down the toilet means you won’t be seeing it again, it couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t follow these simple “Nevers” we’ve laid out, it can result in some serious damage to your plumbing in the future.

  • Bathroom wipes/Wipes Created For Another Purpose: These moist towelettes might be advertised as “flushable wipes” or are meant to be used for some other purpose. However they are not to be flushed as they aren’t at all degradable and can end up getting stuck in the sewer systems and clogging up your sewer. While these do indeed serve a purpose, they should never be flushed. Just throw them in the trash when you are finished and save yourself future problems.
  • Cat litter: Yes. It is sad to say that this is even a problem.. but it is. The bottom line is that clay + sand equals NEVER FLUSH.
  • Fats, oils, greases: While they may seem to take a liquid form that is fully flushable while hot and we may know people that often use this as a way to dispose of it, they ultimately congeal into a pipe-clogging wax. It is better to just scrape into the trashcan.
  • Paper towels: Not even one paper towel should ever be flushed. Paper towels are not toilet paper and don’t degrade at all in the same way. They do not breakdown like toilet paper and can result in a seriously debilitating clog to your sewer system.
  • Excessive amounts of toilet paper: This one is a habit for some. When your in the middle of taking the browns to the superbowl, you’re just not thinking of the flush-n-go approach, when you should be. When it comes to your use of toilet paper, try the ‘flush-n-go’ approach.
  • Toilet bowl cleaning head: we all like cleaning our toilets with a magical wand. After cleaning the bowl, the disposable head attachment must be thrown in the garbage.
  • Tampons and pads: Again, another sad thing to have to expand but the point is they’re meant to absorb moisture and expand. This is the very opposite thing you want in your pipes.
  • Condoms: wrap them in some toilet paper before you throw them in the trash if you don’t want them sitting at the top of your trash can but they must be thrown away and NEVER flushed.

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